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The Hawthorne Charter August 2020

Important Hawthorne VIP Member Updates

We have some exciting updates to share with you!

The Hawthorne progress: There has been a lot of interest in The Hawthorne this summer. We are currently over 60% reserved with plans to break ground in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Enhanced VIP Member benefits: We’ve come up with some efficiencies and are excited to pass the savings along to you. We’ve added two great new benefits:

  • Additional complimentary monthly service fee (two, not one!) 
  • Up to $2,500 in assistance with your moving costs once your apartment is ready! 

In addition to the benefits you already enjoy:

  • 10% discount off standard pricing entrance fee
  • $100 monthly discount off second-person fee for two years
  • Loyalty Club membership
  • One complimentary monthly service fee
  • Interest earned in escrow account on 10% reservation deposit
  • Opportunity to personalize apartment home
  • Guaranteed occupancy
  • One complimentary dedicated underground parking space

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Presbyterian Village North has recently incorporated the use of Cubigo at the community. Cubigo is a digital platform that helps residents, staff, and family members stay connected and informed about all the PVN happenings. The system provides “cubes” of information on everything from dining, social activities, and classes to maintenance, transportation, and housekeeping. For example, you can click on a cube to see what’s being served for lunch or to look up the start time for that yoga class you’ve been meaning to try. You can also submit requests for help with things like having a faucet fixed or a light bulb changed.


Residents find Cubigo easy and convenient to use. It can be accessed with a smartphone, tablet, or television. It can also be a source of entertainment–PVN staff use it to share encouraging videos, activity sheets/puzzles, inspiring quotations, and more. Residents can become Cubigo stars by making and posting their own videos. It’s a nice way to connect with one another and stay plugged into life at the community. Upon move-in, you too will have access to this fun and informative tool!

Get to Know Your Neighbors

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Meet The Staff

Ivory Tatum, Security Manager

Ivory Tatum is Presbyterian Village North’s Security Manager and all-around Renaissance man. In his work, he ensures that everything having to do with campus security’s 24-hour-a-day service is implemented. Ivory manages a team of 14 officers who work in groups of three or four per eight-hour shift and anticipates that the department will continue to grow. In his life, Ivory has worn many and diverse hats; if you see him outside of work, you may just catch him in the cowboy one!

Day to day, the security team is laser-focused on the safety of residents. They provide perimeter security, respond to emergency system calls, provide on-campus transportation, screen visitors to the campus, and more.

The team also strives to build rapport with residents and maintain a strong sense of what’s going on within the PVN community. Ivory notes that when there is a difficult or emergency situation, it is valuable to know the people and how they might feel or react when under stress.

Ivory was born and raised in Houston. After high school, he made his way up to the Dallas area to attend the University of North Texas in Denton, where he was an English major and enjoyed writing poetry. In 1996, he joined the Marine Corps. Around this time, he also got married and had a son. Over the next 2 decades, Ivory worked as an apartment manager, a mailman, a sales administrator, and more. He has even worked on ranches in Nevada and Dallas as a real-deal cowboy, where he trained horses and branded cows. “I’ve been fortunate to have a variety of experiences,” says Ivory.

In 2016, Ivory decided to go to the police academy and graduated number one in his class.

Ivory began his career at PVN as a security officer. His skills soon landed him a position as manager. Ivory volunteered in retirement homes as a youth and was a caregiver to both of his grandmothers. “I enjoy helping people, enjoy talking with them… you have people from all different kinds of backgrounds here,” says Ivory. He has interacted with residents with such varied careers as airline pilot and concert pianist. He has now been with PVN for almost two years, and the work is (happily) “nothing like I’ve ever experienced.”

What does Ivory like best about working for PVN? “I’ve always been a protector,” he says, and feels as though he’s been called upon to help people. He is invested in the well-being of PVN’s residents, saying “I am dedicated to providing them the best that I can, giving them a secure environment, and I appreciate them allowing me to do that.” What started out just being a job for Ivory has turned into a very rewarding career.

When he is not at PVN, Ivory likes to spend time with his 19-year-old son at the gym. He is also a self-proclaimed “cowboy at heart.” He has a horse at a nearby farm where he likes to go to ride and clear his mind.

Meet Your Future Neighbors

Rev. Dr. Gerald Middents & Carol Ann Luebke-Middents

Rev. Dr. Gerald (“Jerry”) Middents & Carol Ann Luebke-Middents currently live in Dallas and look forward to their move to Presbyterian Village North in early 2022. Carol and Jerry were both farm kids, albeit from different states–Jerry grew up in Iowa and Carol was raised in Wisconsin. The two met in the Dallas area in 1991 and have been married 27 years.

Jerry is from a little community in Iowa called Kamrar. He still owns part of the family farm, so he watches the corn and soybean markets with an avid eye (“Want to buy some soybeans?” he asks jokingly). He attended a small country school where there was just one room for eight grades and he had only one classmate. His high school had just sixty students. After high school, Jerry went to the University of Iowa, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Upon graduation, he worked for Bell Telephone but was soon called into the Air Force during the Korean War. He was Adjutant to the Commander and was based in Albuquerque, where the mission was to test nuclear weapons in Nevada and the Pacific. In the Reserves, he was promoted to Captain. At  Bell Telephone, he was in the management program when Jerry received a call to ministry. 

Jerry attended seminary at the University of Dubuque in Iowa. Because of his experience supervising personnel in the Air Force, he was offered the position of Director of Men’s Housing for the University. His first wife, Arlys, and he lived there in a large dorm and were house parents. After finishing his degree, Jerry was called to serve a church in the Minneapolis area. While there, he helped reunite the church with a congregation that had split 30 years earlier, which then grew to 1,200 members. Jerry wished to further his study of psychology. “At the time, the Presbyterian denomination provided a major fellowship to study for a doctorate degree,” says Jerry. With this, he attended the University of Minnesota and spent four years getting two more degrees– a Master of Science and a PhD in Psychology. Upon finishing, Jerry had several career options but was most interested in teaching. 

A lead from a former dean at the University of Dubuque and then at Austin College in Sherman, Texas led him to a position at the latter, where he directed two counseling services and taught psychology. Jerry has been in Texas ever since. His children were born in Minnesota and grew up in Sherman. He has a son who now lives in Philadelphia, and his daughter and granddaughters live in Texas. His wife, Arlys, passed away in 1988. 

One interesting facet of Jerry’s career is that he has been invited to work in India several times. Jerry taught at Mahatma Gandhi University and helped develop a Master’s Degree in Psychology program for Union Christian College. In 2001, he was asked to fill the Endowed UNESCO Peace Chair position at Manipal University. Carol has been with Jerry in India for four of his visits. As part of a Rotary Club program, they helped inoculate children for polio, a disease which has now been eradicated there. Their last stay in India was in 2004, and from there their Rotary group’s medical mission continued to Viet Nam.

Jerry retired as an Emeritus Professor of Psychology in 2000. Then the UT at Dallas asked him to teach part-time in the social sciences division. He has also spent a fair amount of time preaching at churches–he has been invited to about 100 of them in Texas and Oklahoma. “That takes care of weekends!” Jerry quips. He also does counseling through his ministry. In addition, Jerry writes. He has published academic works and now pens poetry, three volumes of which are forthcoming. He is active in Preston Hollow Rotary Club, and monthly has convened the Metroplex Breakfast Dialogues and participates in Science and Religion seminars.

Carol Ann Luebke-Middents grew up on a farm in Wisconsin among a very tight-knit and loving family. Carol’s parents instilled in her from an early age the importance of planning and being prepared for the future. “Planning was something we learned on Sunday afternoons at supper,” she says, when her family would plan what would happen in the coming week with their field (crops) work. She took these family values into a lifelong career in the credit union system, starting with a position at the World Council of Credit Unions in Madison.

A desire to see and try out another part of the country led her to take a position in Dallas in the 1970s. She has lived here ever since but has traveled all over the country for her work.

Carol worked in the worldwide credit union system for fifty years. She loved working with the people and enjoyed her responsibilities as VP of Board Relations for the Cornerstone Credit Union League and CU Resources. Her work included coordination of strategic planning with senior management and the two boards. Because credit unions are non-profit organizations that operate on the tenet of people helping people, Carol was also involved in community-building efforts such as literacy tutoring and Meals on Wheels.

Carol and Jerry met through a former secretary of Jerry’s who relocated to Dallas and worked in the same office complex as Carol. The two became friends, and the friend became matchmaker when Jerry expressed an interest in meeting someone a couple of years after Arlys passed away. Carol and Jerry met in 1991 and were married in 1993.

With some advance planning, Carol’s work had enough flexibility to allow her to travel with Jerry to India, sometimes for a month at a time. The two enjoy travel and usually make a “Northern trip” once a year to visit family and friends in both Iowa and Wisconsin (where Carol has a brother and sister-in-law with five children, and they in turn have nine). Unfortunately, COVID-19 preempted this year’s trek.

Since her retirement, Carol has kept busy with travel and volunteer opportunities. She enjoys volunteering with Reading Partners, and at The Stewpot (a community foundation of First Presbyterian Church), where she was assigned clients in the Social Security Representative Payee program (assisting clients with budgeting their funds); she also volunteers with North Dallas Shared Ministries. Carol also has volunteered with her credit union for financial reality fairs at different schools, which she finds to be fun and helpful to students.

Like her husband, Carol grew up in the church and is very committed to her faith. She has served as President of the Congregation Council of King of Glory Lutheran Church in Dallas, been a Sunday school teacher, and is a Stephen Minister. They are both currently members of First Presbyterian Church in Dallas.

In retirement, the Middents want to continue to have a home and be good community citizens without the worry of home maintenance (though Carol says she does like to trim the hedges!). For them, finding a spot at PVN feels like the responsible way to plan for their future. 

There are many aspects of life at PVN that the Middents are looking forward to. Both are committed to physical fitness. They currently belong to the YMCA and work out at least five days a week. Jerry has done yoga for over 19 years. The two are eager to learn more about the fitness center at PVN and to take part in the classes there. The Middents are healthy eaters for whom meal preparation is very intentional and important. “One has to eat healthy in order to go through life,” says Carol. She happily anticipates incorporating the meals at PVN into their meal planning. 

The couple is also interested in the social and learning opportunities they will find at PVN, such as the social hour and classes they have heard about. Prior to the pandemic, Carol had begun Spanish lessons at her local library and would like to continue something along those lines. An elementary educator she knows would finish the school day with the saying, “Come back tomorrow, you need to grow your brain!” Carol is inspired by this notion, adding, “It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s important to expand your brain!”

The Benefits of Living at A Community

When you become a resident of The Hawthorne at Presbyterian Village North, you can enjoy comfort, convenience, security, and peace of mind through all the times—even the uncertain ones. Download our guide to view the additional procedures PVN has put in place to keep our residents healthy, safe, active, and engaged during COVID-19.

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In Gentle on My Mind, Kim tells the complete, no-holds-barred story of their relationship, recounting the highest of highs—award shows, acclaimed performances, the birth of their children, and encounters with Mick Fleetwood, Waylon Jennings, Alan Jackson, Alice Cooper, Jane Seymour, and others—and the lowest of lows, including battles with alcohol and drug addiction and, finally, Glen’s diagnosis, decline, and death from Alzheimer’s.

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