The Hawthorne Charter April 2021

Welcome to the April edition of your Hawthorne VIP newsletter.

In this issue, you’ll get the latest on The Hawthorne construction, the answer to the latest “Frequently Asked Question” in our ongoing series, and invitations to some great upcoming events. Plus, you’ll meet Telva Gale Wallace, a current PVN resident. Read about this active and independent woman’s inspiring journey that not only led her to PVN, but on to becoming a fellow future resident of The Hawthorne. 

Perhaps you know someone like Telva Gale who’d be perfect for the active and independent lifestyle The Hawthorne will offer? If so, contact Celeste McCloskey today at (214) 355-9935 or

Meet Your Future Neighbors

Telva Gale Wallace

Raised in the Texas Panhandle, Telva Gale Wallace grew up in Pampa with her twin brother (she is an hour older!) and their younger twin sisters. All four of the siblings now live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as does their mother.

Telva Gale attended Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, earning a B.S. in Music and Education. A devoted student by day, she began her career mid-college working nights for UPS. Following a freshly earned degree, she shifted into a teaching role in the elementary school system for a few years, but found herself drawn back to UPS. The part-time role ignited her passion for project management and business efficiency analysis, ultimately moving her into full-time work with UPS in the DFW area.

UPS turned Telva Gale into a subject matter expert in Time and Motion Study, a concept applied to industrial, service, school, and medical organizations. She was recruited for critical roles with companies like Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Brinker International, and several recognized healthcare companies where she made a name for herself in billing and IT departments across the industry for 25+ years. Her first-in-class reputation for her ability to build and advance teams from scratch, grow intricate cross-functional relationships, and maximize workstream efficiencies was not to be underestimated.

Growing up, Telva Gale spent every summer weekend she can remember on the lake waterskiing. It’s no surprise that her early love of watersports and passion for maximizing efficiencies came crashing together when she learned to sail Hobie Cats, a small sailing catamaran, while in college. The rhythmic nature of sailing, paired with a racing environment satiated her competitive and adventurous spirit. 

The winter months were slower, and Telva Gale became restless for the next voyage. She contacted a local college about piano lessons and was put in touch with Jerry Wallace, head of the music department and renowned scholar in music theory and composition. The first conversation didn’t quite go as she’d planned. Jerry insisted she audition for an initial evaluation. If she were accepted as a student following the audition, an hour’s lesson came at a steep $15. Quite the time and financial investment for a winter hobby! In a delightfully honest decline, she replied, “I am debt-free, and my money goes toward sailing.”

In the following weeks, Jerry continued to offer audition times for Telva Gale, charmed by her voice over the phone. “Just come play for me; we’ll start there,” he said. Telva Gale eventually gave in, but under NO commitment for that steep hourly price tag. Being the businesswoman she is, Telva Gale negotiated sailing lessons on his (conveniently) newly purchased Hobie Cat in exchange for piano lessons. Jerry accepted.

In similar fashion, Jerry and Telva Gale’s dating timeline followed suit with the piano lessons—lots of nudging from Jerry, very little budging from her. At 19 years younger than Jerry, Telva Gale was reluctant, but after twelve relentless months, she gave in again. They were married in 1982.

As Jerry aged and his healthcare needs evolved, they started looking for a place to live that offered a focus on community, fellowship, and a variety of healthcare support. Being Presbyterian, active in their church, and having several friends with roots at PVN put the community at the top of their list. They had firsthand experiences from prior visits and participated in campus activities, creating a baseline to compare other options they were exploring. PVN was a natural fit for them and their needs.

When they first moved to PVN, Jerry and Telva Gale lived in The Villas. On a special note, as they prepared to transition from their home in Garland to PVN, they had two grand pianos that required quite a footprint. Jerry and Telva Gale kept one to remain in their possession, but donated the second to the Reception area, where Jerry (and others) could continue to still play it.

When Jerry’s health weakened, requiring additional care and single-story housing, the couple moved into a Patio home. Having the option of so many styles of living at PVN was ideal for their situation.

Jerry passed away last fall, which left some of Telva Gale’s friends wondering if she would stay at PVN, since she is the youngest resident on campus. She has many friends both here and outside of PVN, but this community has become her home and she will be relocating to The Hawthorne next year.

In addition to the various living options, PVN also highlights opportunities for residents to enjoy and explore other activities, easily tailored to individual needs. Telva Gale continues to use her musical skills, participating in programs like Vesper services and a ukulele group. “They have a lot of musical things going at PVN, which is great,” she shares.

The “Wellness University” program at PVN is about to celebrate its ten-year anniversary, and Telva Gale is excited to participate. During this seven-week program, participants set goals and select various activities to meet them. There will be everything from guest speakers, to online educational offerings, to an outdoor movie night. “These are things that inspire us to stay connected as a community. PVN has become a venue to nurture myself, coming at a time when identifying personal growth and enjoyment is essential for me.”

Looking ahead to future activities, Telva Gale has a running list of places to visit when travel is readily available again. As an avid adventurer, she has been to all 50 states and every continent but Antarctica. She hopes to check the box there too, but will keep working to stay physically fit with her dog, Addison, in the meantime.

“That’s what’s so wonderful about being here. PVN allows you to live your life as fully as you can, moment by moment.”

Resident Dedicates Flower Bed at Dallas Arboretum to PVN

In 2020, Presbyterian Village North (PVN) resident Jim Alexander dedicated a tulip bed at the Dallas Arboretum to the residents of PVN. 

“The Blooming Bed” consists of brightly colored tulips. After their blooms have cycled through this spring, the tulips will be replaced by a seasonal flower. The bed is located near the Jonsson Color Garden. 

“I love the people [at PVN] and wanted to do something nice for my friends,” said Mr. Alexander. 

The plaque in front of the bed reads, “This Blooming Bed has been given in Honor of Our Friends at The Presbyterian Village North By The James E. Alexander Family.” 

Construction Update

For The Hawthorne, the last couple of weeks have focused on concrete pours for the first floor and on the garage elevator shaft. In the Corrigan building, ceilings are being framed in the Spa Café, Reception Corridor, and Game Rooms. Meanwhile, demolition in the loading dock area made room for new air conditioning equipment, and concrete was poured for the entry foyer. On the new gatehouse, masonry on the outside will be finished shortly and work has begun on texturing interior ceilings. Can you see the progress?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get to know my new neighbors at Presbyterian Village North who do not live in The Hawthorne?”

Upon your arrival to Presbyterian Village North and The Hawthorne, you’ll be welcomed by our Newcomers and Orientation Committee. Committee members will help you get oriented to PVN’s policies, activities, and campus life as well as answer any questions you may have. Plus, you’ll have plenty of social opportunities to meet your new neighbors across the entire PVN campus through invitations to a variety of events, including happy hours, group dinners and more.

Get to Know Your Future Neighbors

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Who Do You Want As Your Hawthorne Neighbor?

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Save the Date

Blueprints for the Future

May 25, 10:30 AM, Royal Oaks Country Club

Join us to get a sneak peek of Presbyterian Village North’s exciting future ahead. You’ll have the chance to meet some of the professionals behind our current exterior and interior transformations, including enhancements to the beautiful pond area and a total renovation of some community spaces in the Corrigan building. Afterwards, enjoy a delicious boxed lunch to go.


Rocky Berg, Principal
Three Living Architecture

Jerrad Powell, Principal
Andres Construction

Bridget Bohacz, Principal
Bridget Bohacz & Associates

Let’s Lunch!

The Hawthorne at PVN Invites You to a Floor-By-Floor Luncheon
All lunches will be held at The Mercury
11909 Preston Road • Dallas • 75240

Join us by floor for a small group luncheon. It’s an opportunity to get acquainted with your future neighbors on your floor as well as a chance to meet some of the PVN team members. Watch for the invitation for your floor in the mail.

Please RSVP to (214) 355-9935 or email Celeste at

5th Floor
May 7 at 11:00 AM

3rd & 4th Floors
June 11 at 11:00 AM

1st & 2nd Floors
July 8 at 11:00 AM