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The Hawthorne Charter April 2020

Important Hawthorne VIP Member Updates

Welcome to the latest edition of your Hawthorne VIP newsletter. We’re thrilled you’ve become a VIP member and excited for you to become a part of the amazing community of Presbyterian Village North.

In this issue, you’ll read about the important things PVN is doing to keep residents healthy, active, engaged, and safe during these uncertain times. We are promoting wellness through home-delivered “exercise kits,” and putting a virtual spin on one of PVN’s most popular events, the weekly happy hour. Plus, you’ll get acquainted with a PVN team member as well as a Hawthorne future resident.

Lastly, you’ll hear from a PVN resident about what he thinks of our response to COVID-19.

Health, wellness, fun, facts and important information all come together here. Because we’re all in this together. We hope you enjoy this issue.

Virtual Happy Hour

During these uncertain times, PVN residents can still enjoy one of their favorite events—the weekly Happy Hour. Thanks to deliveries from PVN team members, residents can enjoy their favorite beverage and snacks from the comfort of their own home. It’s a great way to keep residents engaged while avoiding crowded situations. Click below to view our brief video.

Exercise Kits

Director of Health & Wellness Shannon Radford and her team members assemble “exercise kits” to be delivered to PVN residents. It’s a great way for residents to stay healthy, active and engaged—all from the comfort of their own home.

From a Resident

“Kudos to your staff for taking such care to protect us during this virus crisis. One example is delivering meals: the meals have been good, and the decision to deliver them to avoid crowded situations was a farsighted one. Other residents offer their kudos, too: more than one has commented positively on your handling of this situation. Another resident added that they haven’t regretted for even one moment their move to PVN. Neither have Janet and I.”


Meet The Staff

Lisa Englander

Lisa Englander

As Director of Residential Services, Lisa Englander oversees the well-being of the residents. Her foremost goal is to help residents live and thrive their way, keeping them as independent as possible starting from the day they move into independent living.

A varied and interesting work background brought Lisa to a career at PVN that she considers her calling. Her study of languages led to work as a flight attendant based in New York for several years. A work opportunity for her husband brought them to Dallas, where she worked in retail management. Then, about 12 years ago, her father was diagnosed with lung cancer and she had an “aha” moment. While visiting with her dad, he suggested she needed to do something where she gave back to people–advice that she’s truly grateful for. After watching his decline and healthcare experience, she realized she could not go back to retail. The experience with her father gave her her “why.” As she says, “My ‘why’ is to make a difference for the Greatest Generation. It’s a calling for me.”

Lisa started volunteering in a memory unit at a continuing care retirement community near her home–doing crafts, playing games, and the like. One Sunday, a staff member who had seen her volunteering suggested she apply to be their Life Enrichment Coordinator. After a touching group interview experience where she retold the story of her father, she got the job. She worked there for about five years. Then, she got a call from a mentor and previous boss to apply for an Independent Living Life Enrichment Manager job at PVN. She has been at PVN for about six years and moved into her current position as Director of Residential Services about two years ago. Now she oversees all life enrichment for the whole campus: healthcare, assisted living, independent living, and memory care. She oversees a staff of twelve and hopes to be a mentor to them.

One of the things Lisa loves most about PVN is that it is a faith-based community. As she says, “I love having that culture; it’s such a fabulous, positive culture.” She also “adores the residents” and loves learning from their stories. “I love, love what I do. I can’t even tell you, I love it so much,” she says.

For fun, Lisa’s favorite thing is to spend time with her two grandsons, ages four months and two and a half. “They are my heart,” she says. Lisa loves to stay busy – she enjoys cooking and entertaining, reading and participating in her book club, and playing mahjong.

Meet Your Future Neighbors

Jennifer Lueken

Though born in Salt Lake City, Jennifer grew up in El Paso, having moved there when she was just a baby. It was not until high school graduation that she left El Paso and attended West Texas State (now West Texas A&M University) in Canyon. After completing her studies there, Jennifer attended medical technology school at UT Southwestern and has lived in Dallas ever since.

Jennifer worked as a medical technologist for four years and her education, experience, and skills allowed for an easy transfer into the field of healthcare information technology. She worked for vendors who installed laboratory computer systems for hospitals and later managed large electronic healthcare record projects. We have her to thank in part for the elimination of so much paper usage in the medical industry!

Jennifer’s career kept her incredibly busy. She has always had “a very healthy work ethic,” which she attributes to her German heritage. She worked hard, climbed the ranks, and had little time for much else. “I’ve always been married to my job,” she says, and thus has remained single.

In 2014, Jennifer retired and now has time to devote to many other interests. She loves volunteering and is currently fostering Shelbi, a severely abused dog, for the Humane Society. She has fostered other dogs as well, but Shelbi has been with her for longer than most and has been a particular challenge.

Jennifer also loves music, and though she is not a musician per se, she does sing at home and once entertained the idea of being a lounge singer (“That didn’t materialize!” she laughs). Recently, she has been listening to a lot of pop music, including Adele, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, and Mariah Carey. She also enjoys oldies such as Kenny Loggins, Carole King, and Stevie Wonder. She highly recommends Bruce Springsteen’s recent album, Western Stars. “The music is just beautiful,” she says.

A cinema buff, Jennifer’s favorite genre is period films. During the COVID-19 seclusion, she is fulfilling her need for entertainment by binge-watching period dramas available on PBS. She also enjoys experimental cooking and is a fan of British chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver.

Jennifer has chosen to move to Presbyterian Village North for a variety of great reasons. “I think part of it is because I live in the neighborhood. It’s less than ten minutes from where I live… it’s an established neighborhood, so it’s really beautiful with all the old trees,” she says. She also loves that PVN has walking paths with lovely gardens and landscaping. “One of my degrees is in biology, so I am a biologist; I really do enjoy nature and walking and things like that,” she adds.

Jennifer is looking forward to simplifying her life and taking time to enjoy offerings such as the Wellness Center. She also is interested in trying classes such as Tai Chi and Pilates. The fun of making new social connections at PVN is another thing Jennifer is looking forward to.

Fun fact: Jennifer is related to the horticulturist who developed the boysenberry! Her relative, Rudolph Boysen, and Walter Knott (of Knott’s Berry Farm) created the boysenberry, and it was named in Boysen’s honor.

Jennifer Lueken

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