There It Goes!

By: Betty Rogers, Bugle Staff Writer

February 2015, Issue 398

It was a historic moment at precisely 7:46 AM on December 29, when the giant claw of the Caterpillar Excavator with a “contact grapple” struck the first blow on the 3000 Building after uprooting two sizable trees that stood in the way. A few Presbyterian Village North residents ventured out to witness the start of demolition of the apartment building. It was fascinating to watch a powerful backhoe and its skilled operator crunch into the walls as if they were playing with piles of toothpicks. When I mentioned to Derek Dammen, supervisor of operations for Weis, that I thought the backhoes were “cute,” he burst out laughing, saying he had never heard that said about a backhoe. They are big!

The former duplexes in Leonard Rose Court and on the south side of Bugle Drive have all been torn down. Backhoes have been loading the debris into 50-cubic-yard dumpsters to be hauled off for recycling. The materials are broken down into piles of metal, copper wiring, boards, concrete, and brick to be taken to different recycling sites. Eighty percent of the debris will be recycled. All the good top soil will be kept at PVN to be spread around the campus.

Right now about thirty-five workers are doing different jobs to prepare for the new construction. All utilities will go underground. A large water pipe will be laid under Landa, the street leading to PVN’s main entrance. Rose Villas (forty-eight town-home units) and a lake will be built where the duplexes were.

At the northwest area of the campus the ground is being prepared for the second assisted living building across from Joyce Hall and Martin’s Landing, a new apartment building with fifty-six apartments. Roads in that area have been made for workers to park their vehicles and equipment.

There’s a beehive of activity going on in preparation for the new construction.