The General Store

By: Joan McClure, Bugle Staff Writer

December 2014, Issue 396

No village can be complete without a general store. At PVN it’s called The Pantry, and it’s a true general store, but without the cracker barrel. There are scarves, greeting cards, dental care products, soaps, razors and shaving cream, cleaning sup-plies, salads, and sandwiches (prepared in our own kitchen and very reasonably priced). Gift items include gift sacks in assorted sizes, jewelry (there’s a lovely necklace with a red pendant), and other items. Having basic supplies easily available is an invaluable service for Health Care residents and for employees.

The Pantry is staffed by Village volunteers. At one time it was open only a few hours in the middle of the day and operated on the honor system. In 2000, Mary and Frank Bonno came to the Village. Wanting to be a part of the community, they explored the volunteer opportunities. Mary went to Spiritual Life and Frank, business man that he was, found The Pantry. He became the manager, purchasing agent, and bookkeeper. He did the ordering, stocking, pricing, and the training and scheduling of volunteers. The hours and number of volunteers were increased and the shop was soon financially sound. Frank was known as “Mr. Pantry”.

Today, The Pantry is managed by PVN staff. Letty Valdez of the Life Enrichment Department over-sees the ordering, staffing, and management of money received. There are twelve faithful volunteers who work shifts of two or two and a half hours and serve once or twice a week. Their dedication and un-selfishness make the enterprise successful.

The Pantry is open from nine-thirty till four, five days a week. It’s adjacent to the Pharmacy and across the hall from the Wellness Office. With Christmas approaching, think “Pantry” for your shopping. I hope that red pendant necklace is still there, and I, too, will look for gifts to give.