COVID-19 Vaccine Required For All Forefront Living Teammates

Dear Teammates,

Forefront Living survived the first 16 months of the Coronavirus pandemic by being conservative, adhering to our core values, and by being adaptable and responsive to our external environment. Our overarching goal remains to provide a safe environment for our teammates, residents, patients and families against this virus.   

A combination of testing, vaccinations and adherence to CDC guidelines have been key strategies in our battle against COVID-19. Therefore, to continue our dedication to your safety and the safety of those we serve, we will require all teammates under the Forefront Living umbrella to be fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus by October 1, 2021. This will require either a two-shot or one-shot vaccination process.   

Teammates may request an exemption based on a medical condition or a religious belief. Please click here to view the full policy related to exemptions. Questions regarding our COVID-19 vaccination policy should be directed to your Executive Director.  

We did not come to this decision lightly; however, we believe it’s the right choice for all of those we serve, including each other. Forefront Living appreciates your continued dedication to health and safety, and we value your support as we continue to fight this pandemic together.


Tim Mallad
CEO, Forefront Living