Campus Update

Presbyterian Village North has adopted an aggressive approach in our fight against COVID-19. Just under 1,000 people live and work on the PVN campus and it is vitally important that we keep the spread of the virus to a minimum. We are fortunate to have excellent resources to aide us in this fight and are able to aggressively test our residents and teammates. We began testing when a therapist was hospitalized and released before receiving their test results for COVID-19. Fortunately, through our medical partnerships, we have access to both antibody and swab tests. Instead of the teammate waiting further, we asked them to “drive up” to PVN and for an antibody test. The result was positive and that began the sequence of events that resulted in the discovery of positive cases in the Transitional Rehab Center (TRC). Our ultimate goal is to test all residents and teammates on the PVN campus. 

To date we have tested 672 individuals with the following results: 

Note: “Misc” includes third party private duty personnel. 

Initial observations include: 

  • The outbreak seems to be contained to the short term rehabilitation area, which is separated from the rest of the campus. 
  • The shelter in place approach seems to be working, and we haven’t experienced issues in Independent Living and Assisted Living thus far. 
  • The infection control measures and temperature screenings have helped to identify potential individuals with symptoms coming from the outside. 
  • A number of the positive results for the virus have been “asymptomatic” or experienced mild symptoms. 

We recognize these findings represent a snapshot in time, but at a minimum can serve as a baseline. Despite the rest of the state re-opening, restrictions are still in place for assisted living and skilled nursing. While Independent Living isn’t specifically addressed, we are taking a “wait and see” approach over the next two weeks, before easing any restrictions. In the meantime, we continue to adhere to strict infection control measures and the continued screening measures, including the taking of temperatures and questions related to specific symptoms. 

As always, please feel free to reach out to us via or 214-355-9019 


Bryan Cooper, Executive Director